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Using Technology to Educate

Methods of education need to remain as up-to date with advancements in technology as businesses when it comes to methods of presentation and ease of access. Educational institutions require robust platforms via which they can deliver their content. From intranets for internal communications to web portals which allow students and teachers to stay up to date with the educational activities.

We understand the need for such systems, and moreover, we have the required in-house skills and experience in the education sector to allow us to design, develop and maintain complete educational systems to suit an institute of any size.

Our clients in the education sector range from colleges and universities to online distance learning institutions who demand the very best when it comes to technology. Utilising the latest technology for your institution ensures you are able to deliver the very best to every student and staff member.

E-Learning and Learning Management Systems (LMS)

One of our major contributions to the education sector has been in the e-learning field. We have pioneered the design and development of complete e-learning platforms which can be scaled on a cloud hosting environment and intranet at the same time. Our developments have allowed institutions to merge multiple systems into one, user friendly, feature rich e-learning platform.

We’ve brought together internal staff and student communications, file-sharing, live video/audio teaching, interactive whiteboards and presentations, online exams and results, shared calendars, support desks, alumni, a publications shop and a mailing list manager and editor all into one online portal – increasing efficiency and saving much needed educational funds and resources.

We also design and maintain full online libraries systems and integrate them into bespoke systems as well as research web applications.

The same efficiency which is being experienced by our clients can be rolled out at your institution whatever the size of your set-up may be.

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