Mobile and Tablet. One step ahead.

Our aim is to ensure our clients remain on top of their game – trend setters, leaders in innovation and their markets. For this reason, we have a designated team to work on mobile and tablet designs and developments. From flawless responsive templates which work on screens of all sizes, to mobile and tablet applications – all in one media and design studio..

We were pleasantly surprised when we found out that our website was built on a responsive template. We didn’t mention it in our requirements document, but Webintrix knew what we would need to remain one step ahead of our competitors.

Responsive Templates

With millions of smart phones and tablets accessing websites and applications everyday, every business needs their site to be mobile and tablet friendly. Instead of designing two separate templates, we simply take advantage of our skill-sets and create responsive templates. That way, when a user accesses your site by a smart phone, tablet or a computer, they’ll see the same designs, only native to their device, taking full advantage of their screen resolutions and orientation.

Mobile and Tablet Applications

Have an app idea? We’ve developed many mobile and tablet applications native to a wide variety of devices. We develop apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Asides from our stand-alone app clients, we also have website app clients who require an app to integrate with their website for user interaction. We’ve developed e-commerce, forum, social and business applications. With crisp pixel perfect high definition designs and clean industry standard coding, our apps have been rated as those that fill a niche in every market we enter.