Online Retailers.

Retail or wholesale – We’ve developed systems to target specific and general markets. Increase your sales and lower your costs.


We’ve been involved with e-commerce consultation, design and development since the onset of our company. We do things a little different here at Webintrix, as we believe an e-commerce site is not only about development of a site which facilitates the sale of products online. We believe in understanding your businesses before development. That way, we can advise along the away and also design and develop an e-commerce site which will prove user friendly to your target market.

Being e-commerce consultants, we assist our clients in planning their entire e-commerce development, from colours, layout, database structure and admin features. This results in a bespoke or customised e-commerce solution which works specifically for our clients. No two solutions are the same for us – each one has unique features specific for our clients.


For retailers, the common requirement is that of an e-commerce front-end which specific backend admin requirements to enable them to sell their products online. However, for others, such as wholesalers, it’s not always about a user front-end which needs to be marketed. Instead it is an integrated system which allows for the flow of information between different products. Such is the example of one of our clients who required a wholesale front-end store accessible only by his wholesale customers, which then integrates fully into his Sage accounting software. They also required a custom feature which would allow them to produce a tiered pricing structure for different categories of clients.

Such systems or e-commerce stores increase productivity, efficiency and thereby sales. If you would like more information on how we can work with your company to increase your sales simply contact us.

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