Security with innovation. The result – outstanding healthcare for patients without compromise.


When it comes to healthcare, data protection and security cannot be compromised at any level. At the same time, healthcare practices and companies are required to innovate methods of communication, data capture and analysis to ensure their patients and customers are provided with the very best in healthcare. Web systems, applications and mobile applications play a pivotal role in this.

Webintrix Limited has provided consultation to many large healthcare practices in order to produce innovative methods of communication, data capture and analysis as well as designing and developing bespoke systems for the healthcare market. We’ve worked with commercial platforms such as Microsoft HealthVault and worked with companies to produce bespoke web applications to interact with health aids and devices to ensure patients keep track of their own health on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. These in turn result in less face to face patient-doctor appointments, and have allowed doctors to channel their energy in time with those patients who require greater attention.

Security is at the forefront of our developments – never compromised. Due to our unique company structure, we have server admins on board to ensure that our developments and applications can run in the most secure environments, safely and securely backed up and can span across a large network of cloud servers.

We also understand data protection and through our consultancy with our clients, we ensure that our systems retain the required data in encrypted and secure formats.


It’s not very often that healthcare providers bring innovative products to market, and this is mainly due to the red tape which surrounds healthcare. However, through consulting with our clients, we’ve been able to work with them to bring products such as interactive healthcare mobile applications – which read blood sugar levels and heart rates. These results can then be accessed securely by the patients GP. Additionally through analysis tools, GPs can also be alerted automatically just as a patients health is weakening, which allows prevention of multiple health related incidents.

These and other innovative methods have allowed us to assist the healthcare sector in efficiently streamlining communication between patients and doctors.

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