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Charity websites with specific fundraising campaign management tools and secure online donations. That’s just the beginning.

Charity Websites and Management Systems

Many a time, charities believe they should continue using old systems they may already have in place in order to reduce expenses. However, in the long run, an outdated system can end up costing a charity much more due to bugs, maintenance costs and the requirement to manually process information which could be completed automatically using a bespoke system. Not to mnetion the detailed data analysis which can be presented at the click of a button. That’s why we work with charities to provide solutions within their budget to streamline their work from the day they roll-out their systems.

If your charity is in need of an efficient system, a charity website to communicate your goals and achievements or simply a dedicated professional team to ensure your website and systems are continuously running, then speak to us.

Even when it comes to costings, we offer flexible monthly payments with 0% interest in order to ensure charities have the cash flow they require in order to assist the wider community and yet at the same time develop their systems to work with greater efficiency.

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Working Hand-in-Hand

We believe in giving – for that reason, we love working with charities and being able to assist the upliftment of others in one way or another. As a media and design studio, we know the requirements for charity websites and have the in-house skills to build upon these requirements to provide a bespoke portal which will streamline communication for charities.

We’ve develop grant management application systems, fundraising campaigns and creative charity websites. On the design front, we continue to assist charities in designing their print media in order to make their voice heard with a lasting impression.